1. What sports have you seriously participated in? (Any kind of sport, competitive or non-competitive.)
2. Have you been involved in any sports, but not as a participant? (i.e. as a trainer, manager, score keeper, etc.) If so, name the sport and how you were involved.
3. Has sports come to you unexpectedly or in an unusual way ? (i.e., as a late bloomer, or as a formerly unathletic or formerly uninterested-in-sports person, etc.) Briefly tell your story.
4. What inspired you to become athletic? (Any personal experiences? Any person, movie, book, particular athlete, or anything or anyone else?)
5. What positive benefits did you get out of participating or being involved in your sports?
6. Is there any experience which made you feel that you succeeded in being an athlete? For example, an achievement, something that happened while being athletic, or something someone said to you?
7. Is there any person known to you (such as a coach, fellow athlete, friend, family member, or other person) who has been helpful or influential to your pursuit of sports? If so, who? How have they helped or inspired you?
8. What non-sports activities (such has hobbies, interests, etc) have you participated in?
9. What positive benefits have you gotten out of participating in these non sports activities?
Please give a name (real or fictitious) to identify yourself.
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